About Us


Founder – Jennifer Messer, DVM

Montessaurus Puppy School was founded in 1995, by Jennifer Messer, to train pet dogs using, gentle positive methods. “The Puppy Training Specialists” focusing on Socialization and Obedience for dogs under 18weeks of Age.Jennifer Established and Operated the School in Guelph until 2003 at which time it transferred to Hazel Dickie. Jennifer now serves as the curriculum consultant.Jennifer completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at McGill University, and a DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. Jennifer has given numerous lectures and workshops to Veterinarians, dog trainers, veterinary students, government agencies, and the general public on a variety of canine behaviour topics, including aggression and early training and socialization. She has been featured on television, written extensively on canine behaviour for the popular media, and is currently a columnist for Modern Dog Magazine.Jennifer is well recognized as a leader in curriculum development for young puppies, and her comprehensive puppy class program The Kinderpuppy Course: A curriculum Manual for Instructors, published by PavSki Canine Educational Resources, is being used by puppy class instructors across North America. The Course has been endorsed by Jean Donaldson, and Dr. Ian Dunbar.


Owner - Instructor Hazel Dickie

The school has been operated by Hazel Dickie since January 2003 and has the same fundamental philosophy “to train pet dogs using, gentle positive methods and have the dog fit into the household.

Hazel’s background in dog training started in 1958 when a pug called Lanpark Penny who was then 12 weeks old chose the Dickie household as her home. Penny went on to earn many titles in the show ring with Hazel’s handling, Penny taught Hazel a lot, and lived until the ripe old age of 19 years, an enormous achievement for a pug and at that time in most other breeds. Other breeds that have been part of the household at one time or another include, a Jack Russell, Poodle, Shitzu Spaniel cross, Cocker Spaniel, and a Springer Spaniel.

In 2003 Hazel completed the Instructor Training Course in Accord, New York, instructed by Pia Silvani, and Sue Sternberg, winning the “Best Trick” in the 2003 Incredible Training Challenge.

In 2005 Hazel had the privilege of going to Tanzania, with a group of individuals to study animal behavior. The group included Dr Patricia McConnell, author of “The other end of the Leash” Patricia is a qualified Animal Behaviorist and dog Trainer. Patricia was only too willing to share her vast knowledge on this subject over the time spent on Safari.


Instructor - Liz Pask

Liz Pask is a PhD candidate at the University of Guelph in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Science studying nutritional toxicology. Liz has been teaching Puppy class and manners class for Montessaurus Puppy School for 4 years. Liz has been involved with the University’s College Royal Dog Show since 1994. Each year Liz attends multiple dog training seminars and conferences to keep her techniques and information current.

Liz has 2 Labrador Retrievers, Ripley and Mayberry. Ripley is a 9 year old dog who has taught Liz an incredible amount about training and competing in dog sports. Together they have earned 3 titles in Obedience and one in Agility (Canine Good Neighbour, Companion Dog (CD), Novice Rally Obedience (RN MCL), Veteran Agility Dog of Canada (VADC)). Ripley and Liz are currently working towards our advanced Agility title and our intermediate obedience title. We also train in the sports of Tracking and Retrieving. Mayberry is Liz’s baby girl. She is 6 months old and will be competing in Conformation this spring as a junior puppy. She is currently in training for Obedience and Agility. Even though Rip and Maybee are hard working sporting dogs they also enjoy lots of time going for walks and swims and hunting for apples in the woods.

Liz’s philosophy of dog training is that she wants the puppies and owners to learn the information using positive, reinforcing techniques.