Montessaurus uses science based, positive dog training techniques.  Our classes are small to ensure you and your dog receive personal, one-on-one coaching. We pride ourselves on our professional yet relaxed atmosphere; dogs and humans learn best when they are having fun! Read on to learn more about the classes we offer. Please see our Calendar page for upcoming classes and events. We also offer private, in home training.



Puppy training classes guelph ontario

Puppy training for dogs 10-18 weeks of age at start of class. Behaviour topics addressed throughout course include:

  • Sit, Lie Down, Stand
  • Soft Mouth Training
  • Housebreaking and Crate Training
  • Leash Manners
  • Leave It
  • Come when Called
  • Settle and Go to Mat 
  • Sound Desensitization
  • Food Guarding
  • Off Leash Socialization
  • De-Jumping
  • One Trick

All household members including children are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please limit to 4 members per household for each class.

Manners for the Modern Dog


For dogs 5 months & older

This course is designed for dogs that have never had any formal training, or need a refresher. Your dog will learn how to focus under distraction. Skills learned include: 


  • Sit, Down and Stand
  • Leash Manners
  • Come when Called
  • Stopping Jumping Up
  • Leave It
  • Stay
  • One trick

Prerequisites: none

Duration: 6 x 1 hour classes

Grade One


Building on the skills learned in Kinderpuppy and Manners. Improve your dog's focus and obedience in this fun six week class. Skills learned include:

  • Leash manners past distractions (people, other dogs, food)
  • Recall  ('Come!') Proofing
  • Starting a formal heel
  • Prolonged stays with distraction
  • Impulse Control (Leave It)
  • Trick Training

Prerequisites: Kinderpuppy or Manners . Dogs that have taken classes at other schools may be eligible. 

Duration: 6 x 1 hour classes

Grade 2


Grade Two

This six week course builds on the skills learned in Grade One. Learned skills include:

  • Heel work on and off leash
  • Sit, down, stand at a distance
  • Rear end awareness
  • Send outs
  • Moving Downs
  • Drop on Recall

Fun Agility


An introduction to the fun and exciting dog sport of agility! Learn to guide your dog through a course of agility obstacles including jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more. 

Focused on fun and safety, this class builds on your basic obedience skills and your dog's focus, all while learning a new sport.

Offered year round - enjoy our training hall during the cold months, and our large, completely fenced agility ring in the summer.

 Prerequisites: Kinderpuppy, Manners or an equivalent class from another school 

Duration: 4 x 1 hour classes

Intro to Rally Obedience


Rally Obedience (Rally-O) combines obedience with fun! In this popular dog sport, you will learn to guide your dog through a course of obedience signs. 

Practice your every day skills (sit, down, stand, stay, leash manners) while improving your dog's focus. You will learn a formal heel, turns, cone signs, changes of pace and more.

 Prerequisites: Kinderpuppy, Manners or an equivalent class from another school 

Duration: 4 x 1 hour classes

Intro to Scent Detection


Put your dog'a nose (and brain) to work in this 4 week class. Dogs will learn to find and alert on a specific scent (Wintergreen). The class includes container, interior and exterior (outdoor) searches.

One of the best things about scent detection is that all dogs can do it. If you have an older dog who needs some one on one time, scent detection is a fun challenge. This class is also excellent for young, busy dogs who need to learn to calmly focus their energy.

Brain Teasers for Dogs


Time to put your thinking cap on! With a focus on FUN, this four week class will increase your dog's focus and engagement through tricks and games. This class is perfect for dogs who need to engage their brains - great for tiring out high energy breeds or for dogs who need to build confidence. 


- Bow

- Leg Weaves

- Crawl

- Nose Targeting

- Barrel Racing

- Shell Game (cup game)

And more! 

Duration: 4 x 1 hour 

Zen Dog


Does your dog need to learn to relax? Does he get so excited he just can't listen? Maybe you describe her as "hyperactive" or as a "wild child". Dogs who are overly excitable are not bad dogs - they just need to learn how to channel their energy. Zen Dog is a NEW class designed to teach your dog to turn the excitement down and their brain on!

This is for you if your dog does things like...

- Excitedly jumps, scratch and mouths at people

- Can't focus around other dogs because they just want to play

- Bites / tugs at leashes and pant legs

- Just can't seem to focus, even with treats! 

Duration: 4 x 1 hour classes

K9 Fit


K9 Fit is a course designed to improve your dog's fitness. Taught by a RVT certified in canine rehabilitation, we focus on safety and fun. This is a great course for those looking for alternatives to street walking their dogs (especially in bad weather or during icy winters) or for those who want a new, fun way to engage with their dog and to improve their dog's health.

Duration: 4 x 1 hour classes

Please note this class is not a rehabilitation class. If you are unsure if this class would be appropriate for your dog, please contact us.

2 Week Refresher Classes


Recall Refresher

This course focuses entirely on perfecting your dog's recall ('come'). Teach your dog to come when called no matter the distractions. This class is run outside in our large, fenced in grass ring.

Duration: 2 x 1 hour classes

Loose Leash Walking Seminar

This class teaches your dog to walk nicely on leash using positive methods and fun games. This class is run outside in our large, fenced in grass ring to allow for practice with real world distractions.

Duration: 2 x 1 hour classes